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14 July 2010
Welcome to the IFRS Translations Update

This update is a regular publication aimed at reaching the IFRS translation community with pertinent news and information.

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Recently published translations

Since our last edition, the IFRS Foundation has released the German and Italian translations of the 2009 Red Book. The Italian is a complete 2009 Red Book translation. The 2009 German Red Book contains the Bases for Conclusions in English and all other material in German. It is our plan to produce a complete German translation of the 2010 standards this calendar year and into the future. In addition, the Serbian 2009 Red Book has recently been published by the Serbian Association of Accountants and Auditors.

The first translation of the 2010 Red Book is the Turkish translation, which has recently been published by the Turkish Accounting Standards Board. The Spanish 2010 Red Book is currently in progress, and we expect it to be available on our web shop by September.

For further information on each of these titles, please visit our web shop.

Working with translation partners

The majority of IFRS translations are produced by licensing partner organisations. We license partner entities to follow the official translation process and produce IFRS translations. For example, we work with the Korean Accounting Standards Board (KASB) for the Korean translation and the Arab Society for Certified Accountants to produce the Arabic translation.

Following this model, all translations are copyright of the IFRS Foundation. This is necessary to ensure the translation can be available for adopting countries and via the same policies as other languages.

This year we are increasing the number of translations produced following this model. Potential languages in 2010 include Khmer, Mongolian and Belarusian.

English text of the standards

The IASB has a full work plan with a number of final standards and exposure drafts due out over the next few months. The IASB is keen to avoid issues problematic to translation in these documents. We would welcome any feedback on translation issues in standards and exposure drafts.

Please send any feedback to Leilani Macdonald: Lmacdonald@ifrs.org

IFRS Foundation name change

On 1 July 2010, the name of the IASC Foundation changed to the IFRS Foundation, in order to reflect better what the Foundation does, namely the publication and promotion of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs). As a consequence of this change, the Standards Advisory Council (SAC) has been renamed the IFRS Advisory Council and the International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee (IFRIC) has been renamed the IFRS Interpretations Committee. However, the name of the Foundation’s standard-setting body, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), remains unchanged.

The new website address is www.ifrs.org, and the domain name for our email addresses has changed to ifrs.org.

IFRS terminology

Did you know there is an IFRS terminology lookup tool available on eIFRS? Using this service, one can access over 1,500 IFRS defined terms in 30 languages.

Please go to eIFRS for access and further information.

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